Buy One, Give One

Today I was deeply impacted by the simplicity of "Buy One, Give One" premise as a business model.

TOMS logo TOMS sells shoes, sunglasses and coffee promising to give shoes, medical treatment for eye diseases and drinkable water for those in need.

If you google the idea, you'll get articles with more criticism than compliments.

In fact, there's nothing new about buying a Suspended Coffee. Critics also say that this business model barely scratch the surface of the actual causes of poverty.

Mealshare logo Mealshare will donate a meal to those in need if you order specific menu items in partner restaurants.

Yet,the "Buy One, Give One" model provides to its customers a tangible experience of positive social impact, even if we're talking about palliative or non-emancipatory impact.

And it is damn simple model. It can be replicated by all major and local retailer companies in countless markets.

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